Thursday, June 15, 2006

Off the Back

Geez, I'm way behind with my blog... I've just been overwhelmed with freelance work, househunting, training, the day job, and all kinds of stuff.

So, to catch up a little:

A bunch of us from both Blue Sky the shop and Blue Sky the team went up to Ned a few weekends ago. I only shot photos during the snack break, because I was having too much fun riding. :)

The Shop Guys and Friends on one hand, the Racers on the other:

Rob's a racer, too, actually, but he was just too cool to sit with us.

All's fair in mountain bike racing:

Another crappy view of the Continental Divide:

We sure live in a purty place, all right.

Then, I managed to score second place on the paper's web-hits-of-the-day list with my column on marijuana:

Last, and far from least, was the trip I took to Durango with my brother Joe. We stayed at the Tamarron resort where he played golf all by himself both days. Here's the view from our room above the 5th hole:

The trails were equally empty:

Although I did find a guy to photograph for a future column about Durango:

This area of Durango riding, on the Colorado Trail, seemed like Crested Butte, and then the Horse Gulch area (which I didn't photograph) seemed like Fruita.

I could move to Durango and never need to leave! :)